Why Custom Challenge Coins Are Important

Do you know what a challenge coin is? It is a medallion, pendant, or coin which is commonly provided to members of a military unit. Commonly, the leader of the military group is the only one entitled to give such coins. Giving custom challenge coins to subordinates was first started in the World War I. In that time, wealthy military leaders provide their subordinates with custom challenge coins before they go with their tasks. The reason why it is called a challenge coin is that the owner of the coin may “challenge” his co-member to take a glance of his coin. As a rule of thumb, the medallion-like coin should be carried by the owner all the time.

Such coins are not only meant to be a souvenir of the soldiers from the warfare. Given below are the reasons why a challenge coin is important.


Custom Challenge CoinsAll challenge coins carry the motto, logo, symbol or trademark of a particular military unit. This provides a unique identity for that particular military unit. Once an individual saw that coin, he would easily recognize that it belongs to a member of a particular military unit. If the military group does not have any badge or ID, challenge coins are used as a means of identification. These coins show how the members give importance to their military group and how proud they are as members of that unit. They always wear or carry the coin so that other people can recognize from which group they belong. This is why challenge coin was created in the first place. If a member of a particular unit is captured by a rival group, and the coin is seen and recognized, chances are the rival group would deliver that member to the area of execution.


Another function of challenge coins is that it serves as a token of loyalty and dedication to the group. Depending on the motto, insignia and trademark of the unit, each member is given a challenge coin that represents the unit. This reminds the member to be forever loyal and honest to the unit. If by chance, a member is assigned to another unit, he will then receive another coin.


Brotherhood is another reason why custom challenge coins are made. Due to their commitment and dedication, all members treat other members as their own brothers or sisters. They care for each other as if they belong to the same family. Whenever a member needs help, other members are more than willing to help him.


It is already a convention for military groups to create their custom challenge coins. Before, only military members can hold such coin. It symbolizes unity, good relationship and harmony between the members of the military unit. It promotes fellowship and friendship among the members. When the members carry this coin, they feel more confident to face other military units.


Another reason why a challenge coin was given to a member is that it is a sign of appreciation for all the sacrifices that the solder have done for the sake of the military unit. It is to show how the leader values his members’ strength, bravery, and loyalty to the country. During a battle, the member who shows a commendable performance will be given with a unique challenge coin. Aside from the regular salary, bonus challenge coins are given to the member with the best performance for the entire battle. Another way of the leader to show his gratitude is to give challenge coins to his members.


To recognize the noteworthy performance of a certain military member, a challenge coin is given to him by his commanding officer. Medals are usually given as rewards but custom challenge coins can also be used as a means of recognition.


All challenge coins carry the motto, logo, symbol or trademark of a particular military unit.

What You Ought to Know When Searching for Homes for Sale in Garden City NY

Moving to a new home could be really stressful. However, there are ways to lessen the stress and worries when you are searching for homes for sale in Garden City NY. Researching about homes on the market can make it easier. The process need not be laborious; it just takes a bit of sorting. There are several primary factors that you need to consider to make certain your search proceeds smoothly, to know more click here.

Consider the Location in Garden City NY

real estateThe primary step when it comes to searching homes for sale is to choose a particular area in Garden City where you would like to live. Do you want to stay near primary schools or do you want to move to a place near shopping districts? When you are considering locations, there are numerous factors that you need to bear in mind as these could vary according to your preferences and needs. It is important to choose locations that are suitable if you have children and pets. Also determine how much home and garden space you need.

Searching Online

One great advantage that the internet has been providing over the last three decades is the opportunity to have all information within your reach in just a matter of seconds. Nowadays, you can do away with the need to find a realtor to find homes for sale in Garden City NY because you can just look them up online. You must find reliable realty websites to search for homes for sale. A reliable website often has comprehensive descriptions of the property including images and information about the location. You can use the internet to find a short list of potential properties that you want. This can also save time as you no longer need to conduct site visits as often as before.

Once you have your list of homes for sale in Garden City NY, you can visit the properties that are at the top of your list. You can also consult with a realtor if you need professional advice when you make your decisions. This is important if you have questions about the house you want to purchase that cannot be answered by the information found on the websites.

Searching for Great Deals

If you are on a tight budget or you want to save money, there are numerous options for you to find great deals on homes for sale. You can consult with realtors to search for properties that can be purchased within your budget. Basically, it is an affordable option to find a home that you can easily renovate to suit your preferences and needs. Keep your options open to check if there are old homes in Garden City that you can buy for lower prices.